The important functions of the Board are enumerated in sections 111 & 112 of the K.A.P.M(R&D) Act, 1966. They are as follows:

1. Promote grading and standardization of agricultural produce.
2. To assist for general improvement of the regulation of marketing in the state
3. Giving aid to financially weak (or needy) market committees in the form of loans and grants.
4. Propaganda and Publicity on matters relating to regulated marketing of agricultural produce.
5. Imparting education in regulated marketing of agricultural produce.
6.General improvement of the facilities for the transport of notified agricultural Produce and the marketing thereof.
7. Training the officers and staff of Market Committee’s in the state.
8. Advise on matters referred to it by the State Government;
9. To co-ordinate functioning of all the market committees with the help of information service obtained by both National and International market.
10. To arrange for safety insurance on the life of farmers and if necessary contribute towards premium payable in respect of all agriculturists in the state.
11. To arrange or organise seminars, workshops or exhibitions on subject relating to agricultural marketing.
12. Any other purpose of general interest to regulated marketing of agricultural produce.