Through Agricultural Produce Market Committees, establishment of Market Yards, submarket yards and developing and maintaining the market yards and sub market yards. Enforcing the regulatory measures in respect of sale and purchase of Agricultural produce brought by the Agriculturist to the market yards, providing a platform to ensure competitive prices, correct weighment, payment and creating an exploitation free atmosphere by preventing illegal activities in the marketing of agricultural produce. Regulating the activities of warehouses by enforcing the licensing conditions, establishment and maintenance of laboratories for the purpose of grading of agricultural produce in the State.


        The Director of Agricultural Marketing is an officer appointed by the State Government to exercise or perform such of the powers or functions of the Director of Agricultural Marketing under the provisions of the Act or Rules. Accordingly, declaration of market yards, market sub-yards, sub-market and sub-market yards, superintendents, direction and control of elections, disqualification of sitting member, motion of no confidence, vacancy in the office of chairman and vice chairman, Bye-laws, appointment of officers and staff to the market committees, grant / renewal of license of private market yard, farmer-consumer market, direct purchase, appellate authority, control over the market fund etc, are monitored and implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Act and Rules.