The Karnataka Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act 1966 has been enacted to provide a uniform law relating to the better regulation of buying and selling of Agricultural Produce and the establishment of Markets for Agricultural Produce throughout the State. The Act has been enacted & given effect to from 1-5-1968 by repealing and replacing the following Acts which were in force in the several areas:-
1 The Bombay Agricultural Produce Markets Act, 1939 (Bombay Act, 22 of 1939 as in force in Bombay area.)
2 The Madras Commercial Crops Markets Act, 1933 (Madras Act, 20 of 1933) as in force in the Madras area and as in force in Bellary District.
3 The Coorg Agricultural Produce Markets Act, 1956 (Coorg Act, 7 of 1956) as in force in Coorg District.
4 The Hyderabad Agricultural Produce Markets Act, 1339 F(Hyderabad Act, 2 of 1339 F) as in force in Hyderabad area.
5 The Mysore Agricultural Produce Markets Act, 1939 (Mysore Act, 16 of 1939) as in force in Mysore area
6 A Market at Bailahongal was established under the Bombay Agricultural Produce Markets Act, during 1936 and at Tiptur under The Mysore Agricultural Produce Marketing Act, during 1948 in the State. Department of Agricultural Marketing which was earlier an unit of the Co-operation Department started functioning as an independent department during the year 1972.